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This little girl wants to play with your little girl! Peek a Boo I see you!The background in the painting  is done in mixed media using hand carved rubber stamps ,white paper with scribbled words and shades of blue acrylic paint.The girl is copied from an old greeting card.She would look so cute on a child’s wall!

Posted by: Lyle | November 15, 2016

Christmas Rattles


We had such fun with the Halloween rattles we decided to make some  Christmas cuties and see how you liked them! do write and tell me what you think! If you want more info on size, price, shipping etc please go to . All that is on that site! meanwhile  smile and forget politics for a few minutes!  thanks, lyle

Posted by: Lyle | October 22, 2016

Troubled waters

img_4367-640x626We are fairly new to Florida and have been surprised to see how many of the numerous lakes and ponds are filled with weeds, trash ,unwanted household items and such! There are so many beautiful , large birds here but their places to find food are shrinking daily.The  Audubon Society tries to encourage  us all to take more care but they aren’t reaching the right people apparently!  We will try to do what we can but please if anyone out there has an idea for encouraging more people to clean up the water and food sources  around them please write us with your suggestions! Thanks, Toni and Lyle

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All The Guys

all the guysAs   you can see we’ve been having fun with Halloween rattles. Our friend, Sonja Sandell designed them and when we saw them on her site we had to have the directions! Its kind of messy work but not too difficult and provided many laughs! If you would like to get the directions please visit her at

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Krazy Katz

IMG_4112 (800x603)

What to do when you are bored with election crazies  and need something new to do? Dig  out an old canvas and look at it upside down and sideways! Somewhere on there I saw eyes and the eyes magically turned into Katz!  And more Katz.! Try  it with one of your old canvases and let me know when you post it so that I can enjoy your Krazy ideas!

Posted by: Lyle | June 20, 2016

The Great Blue Heron

IMG_3988 (800x661) (800x661) (800x661)I am celebrating  a birthday later this week. Too many years to count!  A very large package arrived  at the beginning of this month which Toni insisted I open right away  even tho it wasn’t the birthday yet! What a packing job! this blue girl is almost 5 ft. tall and has a metal stand. You can imagine the hassle trying to pack it to ship  from  Longmont, Colorado, the home of Stephanie Hilvitz, the amazing artist who created Ms. Blue!  I live in Florida the land of these birds! What a wonderful birthday gift from two  of my favorite girls! When you read  the labels on the body  you can get a clue as to what this beauty has eaten! All healthy  food and drink!  Ms. Blue is in a prime location as you go in and out of my studio so that all can visit with her. Thank you , Toni and Stephanie!  .P.S. rodrigivitz style  is steph’s blog. do look there to see her current  work!




















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The Queen

IMG_4094 (800x792)Greetings from England! My son in law was on a Disney cruise with his grandchildren and this old girl was the one thing he brought home ! doesn’t she look like pictures of the Queen!

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Where are they now?

IMG_4059 (800x794)

In 2014 a group of African school girls was kidnapped! There was much public outcry  at that time. Today you don’t hear much! They are still gone from their families and their homes! One  girl escaped and has given authorities as much info as she could, but no reports of action have come on the news broadcasts!I think of them often as I paint and wonder if anything is being done to find them!

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IMG_3770Crows have always  intrigued me! In the last  few days there have been several  perching on the electric wires behind our house .They  call back and forth as if talking!  I listened and tried to imagine what they were chatting about!  Couldn’t figure it out, but thought we all need to listen more  so that we can better understand our friends and our  foes! In these days of terror around the world  perhaps if we listen more we can figure out how to calm things down! tell me what you think!


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Thinking of You

dear george (Medium).jpg

Our  friend, Stephanie, has been feeling just terrible! When I came upon this picture in my file I thought this must be a picture of how she is feeling!  I hope when she sees this pic she will laugh and know that all of us are sending good, healthy thoughts her way!

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