Posted by: Lyle | July 11, 2015

Here we are!

miami017 (Medium)_edited

We finally made it!  After a winter of packing  boxes, dealing with builders, and trying to sell houses WE ARE HERE TO STAY!!!  The boxes are unpacked, all our favorite treasures are on a shelf or in a cupboard and we are almost ready to tour around and see what its all about! We have seen many different birds and a few strange little critters! We’ve had white Ibis poking in the lawn for bugs and tiny lizzards watching our every move outdoors! The rainstorms are wild and lightening is really incredible! It gets very hot here in central Florida  but the rain cools it quickly! Like the man said “beats snow” We’ll be back with more reports soon! Thanks for your patience!

 20150711_072853 (640x480)

Just had to add this in…..a Florida Resident snake in a birdhouse, in the bush!

Posted by: Lyle | June 30, 2015


celebrate 1134 (Medium)

When you are enjoying the holiday please remember all the good men and women who have supported our wonderful country  here and abroad! In the whole wide world we are the luckiest people!  Sometimes we forget who helps us stay in that spot!

Posted by: Lyle | April 29, 2015

Women In Red


Last night amid the horrible news from Baltimore I heard that 300 women and children in Nigeria had been rescued from their captors! Sadly the original group of girls was not among them and may never be returned to their families.  It is wonderful for the families of those rescued, but incredibly sad for the parents of those still missing.! I wish  I had a magic wand to wave and have those girls magically appear at home, but I don’t. All I can do is hope and pray  that somehow they will get home. Please don’t forget them!

Posted by: Lyle | April 14, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

bird and nest023 (800x560) (2)

Nesters everywhere! just unearthing all my art supplies and the table to work on! setting up a new home in a third of the old space is daunting but we will overcome! just wanted to say hello  and tell you that more pictures will appear here-  I hope! Central Florida is a whole new world to me and right now we are having summer temps  and heavy evening showers!The amount of rain that falls is amazing. Wish I could send some of it to California!  We have a Bluebird family raising their second set of babes! Hope they are staying dry! Will let you know.

Posted by: Lyle | December 31, 2014

My Hands are Full!

my hands are full013

My hands are full of packing boxes, sorting paper, deciding! What goes and what stays behind in the big move! But I wanted to share with you these hands that are stamped with a great new stamp which Santa brought. Looks like words but you can’t quite read. Super for backgrounds. You can visit the artist’s Etsy Shop at Artistic Renderings (.

Have fun and tell her that I sent you!

Posted by: Lyle | December 19, 2014

We Wish You


A very happy holiday season and all good things for the New Year, Toni and Lyle

Posted by: Lyle | November 4, 2014

Gone From Sight


but not from our thoughts! I knew it was nearly impossible after all this time but I kept hoping that somewhere in the world someone would find a way to free those kidnapped schoolgirls! The Nigerian government  tried and basically were told to go fly a kite!  The rebel group holding them said they had converted to Islam and been married! do you believe that? I don’t.  What a terrible thing those parents must face – never to see their girls again! I cant imagine how I would have felt had they been my girls! Please don’t forget them! Its a crazy world we live in and just maybe someday someone will find a way to bring them home! Meanwhile you could say a little prayer for their safety!


Posted by: Lyle | October 31, 2014

You Make My Heart Smile


What else can I say! I love reading what you have to say  and I appreciate your taking the time to look at my “work”  !  I found this quotation in amongst all bits and pieces and thought it was perfect! Thank you  !

Posted by: Lyle | October 4, 2014

Here they come


Here they come!  The last of the dancers! For some strange reason I’ve been possessed by these dancing men with costumes of hand made paper. They are attached to paper spattered with black and a hand carved stamp of swirls. I tell myself no more! Its time to move on! I wonder if there is a message here that I am not “getting”  In any event you will not be visited by any more dancers. If I have my way!

Posted by: Lyle | September 8, 2014


IMG_2801We have done many things over the summer but nothing that would be something special to blog about. I have fussed and fumed about all kinds of things, but to no avail. The missing girls in Africa have not been found,  no wars have been stopped and no terrorists captured. And I cant do anything about any of it but bellyache! However World Peace Day does come this month and I did feel inspired to make a “Flag for Peace” !As ever my walking women are searching for Peace as pieces of the globe fly off behind them and the birds of doom fly overhead!  We can only hope and pray for Peace in the world!


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