Posted by: Lyle | June 14, 2008

Shrink plastic Jewelry

Aren’t these black kitties just the cutest?  This is one of the latest of my shrink plastic earrings. I used a stamp that Lyle handcut and gave me for my birthday. What is shrink plastic you ask?  Remember that Shrinky Dinks that you used when either you were a kid or your kids were very young?  Yep—-same stuff. I painted the piece of shrink plastic with luminere paint and then stamped ontop of that. That’s what gives it the sparkle effect.  Fun.

Fish pin

This little guy was made the same way as the earrings. He’s a pin!  You can see both of these pieces and a few other things on our Etsy site as well.



  1. this is so cool! how did you do it? shrink plastic?


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