Posted by: Lyle | June 17, 2008

Lyle’s creations

  Many of you know Lyle…..for those of you who do not, Lyle is the “creator” in this duo.  She has, over the years, created many things……small quilt wall hangings, needlework pictures, painted tin & cut Santa’s, angels, Ms. Liberty’s, sewn many a snowman, angel, cat folk dolls, black babies, catnip pillows (for her “Good Samaritan” fund) and painted oval boxes for the store. She is my table person.  The one who has to arrange seasonal or new goodies on the many tables in the shop. She is the one who does the shelves, corner cupboards, any of the flat surfaces in the shop. She also picks up after me—-does a little decongesting of the items I put out and gives me the head shake if my colors are a bit out of whack. Lyle is also my buying, traveling partner. When we make the road trip to Pennsylvania or Maine she is there to remember what I do not, my navigator in the truck, and the other hand of the furniture movers.  Besides all these shop things, Lyle is a wonderful artist. Here are a few of her creations! Toni & Stacey angelsConfession

This only gives you a brief glimpse of the many things she enjoys. As the summer progresses I hope to show you more.  She is an inspiration to me.


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