Posted by: Lyle | June 19, 2008

Plate racks, bowl & plate stands

Hi Everyone!  Today’s post will show you some of the racks & holders we have for decorative plates and bowls.  Racks are for wall display and the holders are meant to stand plates & bowls on tables, shelves, bookcases….


 We have racks that are horizontal or vertical, single plate, double, triple or quad racks. Our racks are wrought iron, sometimes just base metal painted. It depends where we find them. Hopefully, this fall we will have wall racks that are more suited for bowls.  Very hard to find…..we’ve asked one of our suppliers to see what they could do.

We also have a good assortment of plate and bowl holders. These are best suited for displaying your decorative items on flat surfaces….tables, shelves, bookcases.

 These holders are made of wood and come in cranberry, dark gold, dark green & black. They will hold plates from 4″ to about 13″.  The tallest of the holders will actually hold a plate that is 17″ but it can’t be too heavy!

  This is a shot of a bowl holder. You can see that the legs are just a little longer to make up for the depth of the bowl and allow it to sit properly.

  We also have several different twisted metal plate holders. They are great for mini & very light weight plates.

 This picture shows the holder with a 4″ plate.


That’s it for today folks!  Hopefully tomorrow I can gather some pictures of all our stars!


  1. This post takes me back to when my mom had a little shop. We were always looking for new and better ways to display our plates and bowls. We also had a huge selection of the wooden ones. Carved, laquered, limed, painted or natural.


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