Posted by: Lyle | June 20, 2008


Stars outside Stars are amazing things.  We love to see them in the sky, in our eyes, stars on the barn, stars on the mantle, stars on the porch…….we just love stars. At the shop we have stars that are 2 inches up to 45 inches.  We’ve even had 69 inch stars! The largest of the stars are usually in pieces that you bolt together. We’ve sent stars to Texas and stars to Florida. Here are a few pictures of the different stars we carry.  Some are just rusty tin, some are painted and some are decorated with willow trees, stars & stripes…you name it.

      I have many people come into the shop and ask what the meaning of the star is and why do people put them on their homes. I really do not know the answer to that. To me, today it is strictly a decorative thing.  Many years ago, on houses that are brick or stone, they added a threaded star at the very top of the eave. Then a pole was put thru the attic and connected the stars on both ends of the house. This was to help keep the house “square”.  Come on you architects out there—–give me a little help on this! That is as far as my knowledge goes on stars!


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