Posted by: Lyle | June 21, 2008

The Cats

Most all of you that have been in the shop know all about the Fuzzy sweethearts that live here with us. They have greeted you from under the table, from underneath a bench ontop of the table, from the back recesses of the corner cupboard.  They seem to be everywhere!  You have graciously put up with picking up items that have anywhere from two cat hairs on it to an obnoxious dust bunny attached to the legs of the item. You pick up the half mangled catnip mouse sitting in the middle of the floor and put it next to one of the resting babies. You make sure the front door always closes so that the curious don’t make a dash outside. You have all been wonderful keepers for our cats & I appreciate it. So here they are in all their glory…..we only have four…..but a gazillion pictures make it look like more!

  Maxwell showed up in the yard when he was only weeks old.  Scared, full of fleas & hungry, another of our Then cats, (Kon) brought him to the door. Max is now somewhere around 9 years old. He is a nice kitty but scared of his own shadow and he’s my scratcher of wood-that-you-don’t-want-him-to-scratch.


   This is my Scruffy. He is the sweety of my sweethearts. He is the eldest of my babies, somewhere around 13 years old. He first came to visit my parents when they lived in Beesley’s Point. My Dad coaxed him into the workshop (finally, after 3 months) to eat….and the door closed behind him. His chest had a terrible gash (you could see muscle) which we assume resulted from sleeping in a car motor. But the vet said leave it alone, he was doing a good job of keeping it clean. He had a broken rib (it’s still out of place) but it didn’t bother any internal organs so we left that alone too.  He still has always done all the jumping and running of a normal cat—-so all’s good. Scruffy has always been the babysitter for all of the strays who have graced my kitchen.  He washes them when they need it or cry. He plays games of hide & seek with them when they are bored and trys to teach them good manners. He is my all around bestest.


   This is Sally. She is a wonderful little girl!  Able to hold her own with 3 large males, even to the point where they scramble to get away from her. She is fearless, inquisitive and a talker. She taunts all the smaller folks who come into the shop by letting them get real close and then the chase is on! Up to the steps in hope that they will throw a mouse or two for her. She is about 2 years old. She came to visit in the backyard and was in love with trying to get the goldfish in our pond.  Jim was relentless in playing with her to get her close enough to grab. And grab he did—-and the backdoor closed.



   This is—-a terrible shot—of Panther. He is a beautiful Tuxedo. Jim is Panther’s person. Panther is the tough guy of the group. He was a waif that Jim’s boys brought home. He is somewhere around 10 or 11 years old and was an indoor/outdoor cat when he lived in Absecon but being in Egg Harbor must be a strictly indoor cat like the others.  Most of you have never seen Panther as he is the day sleeper in the crowd. He and Maxwell have never gotten along (hair tufts, claws in heads, terrible stuff) so we do shift work with the two of them and it seems to work.  I’ll try to get a better picture—-he has a wonderful face.


Well that’s it for now!  I’ll put some pictures of Lyle’s babies on next time.



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