Posted by: Lyle | June 28, 2008

Lyle’s Sweeties

  Lyle has four wonderful furry children.  This is Spike. He is the softest, little rollypolly that ever was.  He was actually a little suprise from my garden.  Lyle was good enough to open her door for him. He is the youngest of the four—-maybe close to a year.  He is afraid of all the rest of us but loves Lyle and her other cats. He loves to roll down her stairs from the 2nd floor. He just lays on his back, puts his arms over his head, toward the next step down and…..bluup….lands on his stomach on the next step.  He looks kinda like a slinky going down the stairs.  Wonderful.  He can also push toys to you, fetch toys and of course hide toys. He loves his Mom—-sleeps right next to her & is always facing her.

  This is Trixie.  She is the tiniest little sweetie.  She is the sister to another of Lyle’s babies, Thomas. Trixie has gotten bold enough to swat at Spike when he is being just a little too obnoxious. She just loves to sit in the window and watch the birds and the chipmonks. Let’s give it up for Trixie!

Pictures of Thomas and Rocky to follow!





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