Posted by: Lyle | July 4, 2008

New Shrink

Today is July 4th…..Happy Independence Day!  The shop is closed for the Holiday, the weather (as of this hour) is just kinda stinky so I’ve been busy doing some fun stuff! Here are a couple of new creations and a comparison of how much shrink plastic can shrink.

 The kitty on the left is stamped on the shrink plastic, then the dime (for size) and the kitty on the right is the plastic that has been heated and shrunk to earring size.  Neat stuff.  I’m making another pair of the Black Kitty earrings to put on Etsy. Our original pair went home with a favorite old customer!

 This is one of the Listen to the Crows earring. The head of the crow was edited off the book cover, the white body is actually a small version of the book cover, a black glass bead and a shiny siver swirl head pin.

 A different version of the Listen to the Crows earrings.

 These are earring made from a copy of Lyle’s original mixed media work entitled Love is ….. Diego.The little stones attached to the bottom are pieces of turquoise. The woman in the picture is Frida Kahlo.

 This is Lyle’s original.


  1. frida wasnt thinking too clearly was she? looks good!


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