Posted by: Lyle | July 5, 2008

Lyle’s Other Sweeties

The other day I posted a couple of pictures of Lyle’s cats so all could see. I didn’t have any good pictures of her other two but she has helped me out with that!

  This is a picture of her Rocky. He is a different kind of bird.  He came from the Atlantic County Humane Society and was definitely a one-man-cat.  He loved my Dad!  He waited for him at night to come home from work, slept on his jacket and listened to him. He may be an exotic plus something mixed breed—-we really will never know. His feet look like snowshoes, an extra toe but very wide. His stripes have a circular pattern on his sides and his disposition can be…. something less than charming at times. Most of the time, though, he is a good guy.

 This is Thomas.  Trixie’s brother. He is a long and lean man with the longest tail I have ever seen.  He loves his Mom like no other. Laying on the window sills or the cat perch to see out the windows is his favorite past-time. Tom doesn’t talk alot but those eyes say everything! If he is unsure of you or something that is close, he squints so much I don’t think he can see. He’s a wonderful boy.



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