Posted by: Lyle | July 9, 2008

Sally Katz & Daddy Longlegs

  Hellooooo Sally!  This is a new addition to Lyle’s Little Stars.  Sally is about 18″ long & is perfect for sitting on the bookcase or on the chair that you don’t wish your other cats to recline on! She is made of painted muslin with a felt star and eyes. She beautiful and available on our Etsy site (

 Daddy LongLegs is a very patriotic cat!  He carries a flag with a “red,white,blue” button on it. He also has a paper flag tag with an Uncle Sam button attached. He is about 20″ long from the tip of his ears to the end of his stick legs. Made of painted muslin, he can be a wonderful part of your Red-White & Blue room. He too is listed our our Etsy page.


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