Posted by: Lyle | July 25, 2008

A Morning Walk

     Do you walk everyday or every couple of days? Even just an evening stroll….? Lyle and I walk around Egg Harbor City several times each week and enjoy what people have done with their houses, their yards, talk to their animals and we pick up items from the street. Here’s a picture for you all to decipher. Another WhatsIt!

 These are actually all from the same thing. The item I picked up first was the third from the left, in the picture. I thought it was neat and maybe Lyle could use it in her art someway. As we walked along the streets we picked up all the other parts and looked up and saw………..I’ll tell you tomorrow……send me a comment with your thoughts on it!

PS.  The original WhatsIt is a Cicada Killer and the shell shed by a Cicada next to it!


  1. Toni! Thanks so much for letting me know about your blog!! You’ve got some awesome stuff on here! (And tell Lyle I LOVED her Freida piece and your earrings from it!) When I get more time next week, I’ll add you to my blogroll!


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