Posted by: Lyle | July 28, 2008

Lyle’s Latest

Lyle is busy everyday of the week creating new background paper or preparing images to be included in one of her creations but several weeks ago she was busy gathering family photos and sifting thru. This is the book she prepared for my sister and I so that we would always have images of the sisters we are related to.

 The front cover.

 The Wirt Sisters (Lyle’s Grandma & great Aunt).

 The Parker Sisters, (Lyle’s Mom and her Aunts)

 The Baxter Sisters, (2 of my Dad’s sisters)

 The Blue Belles, (my sister Stacey & I in our younger years!)

Thanks Mom!  I love the book, the pictures, the whole thing!



  1. What a beautiful & special keepsake!

  2. Love the scrapbook; it is beautiful!


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