Posted by: Lyle | August 7, 2008

New art from Lyle

“The Don”

This is Lyle’s latest work of art. It is an original  8×10 canvas that was made by using layers of acrylic paint, rubber stamps, old “Rook” playing cards, tarot card wrapping paper, a vintage photo and Chinese “Hell Money”. What is the Don thinking? Who’s watching the Don? What do the Tarot cards mean? What about the cards that were dealt upside down?  It’s for sale in the shop or on our Etsy site,

 This is The Messenger. Lyle created this depiction of a modern day female monk who travels the world delivering the message of the Golden Buddah. This 11″x14″ mixed media collage has painted edges and was created with layers of acrylic paint, papers found and new and hand carved stamps. The handcarved wave and fish stamps indicate how far she must go. The colorful prayer flags help carry the message of peace and happiness.


  1. Wow! These are really something! I’m constantly amazed at our Lyle! Now Miss Toni! You need to put up some of YOUR work too- for I know you to be very talented as well!!!

  2. they are beautiful lyle!!


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