Posted by: Lyle | October 17, 2008

Getting round to-it

As always, I feel like I’m chasing my tail and getting mostly no where. But here we are anyway—-October!

This is one of Jim’s pictures of our September Spider outside of our backdoor. A very industrious creature keeping the web open for all who would dare. You do not see her all day but as soon as it gets dark……she appears.

She is headed down the web to retreive the item in the bottom right of the screen! Enough of spiders for the moment…….


If you have not seen our ad (in the AC Press) every Thurday then I’ll give you a few quick shots of what’s new!



 So there you have it!  A few of our newest items that are ready for your home!  I’ll get back with you soon to let you know the date and time for our Christmas Open House, Beads-for-Life, crafting time and a few freebies pictures for you to grab and use in your own artwork!





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