Posted by: Lyle | November 14, 2008

The Christmas Open House

It’s that time again!  Can you believe it?  These past several months have meant some changes in all our lives but we hope you’ll be able to come out and share some of the Yule Spirit with us.





That is this weekend!!!! So come on out and join Lyle, Jim and I for a little food, liquid refreshment, Christmas music (eee gads!) and of course some wonderful late Fall and Christmas home decorations and gifts. It will be great to see you!

Along with the Open House, we will again be selling the BEADS-FOR-LIFE jewelry, notecards, music and little jewelry carry bags. We think it is a wonderful charity and hope you will participate. I took a couple of pictures of the bracelets last night…..they are wonderful!

bead for life bracelet


 We will also be doing Lyle’s “Good Samaritan” charity for the animals…….a little bag of Wilbur chocolate “buds” (for human consumption only) for $1.00. Like the Bead-For-Life, all the proceeds go directly to the charity.

Now you want to know what we have for Christmas?  Just so you don’t think we are fooling here are a couple of pictures of the “before” and you’ll have to come in to see the “after”.

what a mess


there's more


Scruffy resting


So let me just end this little note now and get it into cyberspace to all of you. We hope that you’ll get a chance to come in and see some of the goodies we found this year. See you soon!


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