Posted by: Lyle | January 1, 2009

The New Year


A very healthy, happy New Year to you all!

I’m sure all of you have as many questions as we do…..what’s  the best path to take for this year, where do we go, how do we make our plans work…..the list goes on and on. So we’ll share our immediate plans for the shop with you, show  you some of Lyle latest work and see if we can make any sense of it all!

First out of the block—–the shop, Almost Heaven will be closed for the month of January. We need to be able to sort out what we have, move along  items that have spent too much time with us, clean, reshuffle, paint and just generally get a grip on it! If you need something to complete a room, (curtains, rug, print, etc) or a special gift for someone—-just call (609-965-3652)! I’m home almost every evening after 5 or6 pm and would be pleased to open the front door for you! Don’t be bashful!  We are here, we are your neighbors!  We will be having a sale this month, so keep watching the blog and the newspaper!

Another thing we would like to do this year is to offer a few art–mixed media–fun technique classes. I have to get Lyle’s schedule to see what will work but one of the types of art she does best is stamp carving.  Here are a few of her latest stamps:








Carving a stamp is fun, you don’t need to be able to draw and is a technique that can be used in all kinds of art and in your crafts. Use your stamps to make greeting cards, use them on your scrapbook pages, use them on shrink plastic to make earrings and pins, make wrapping paper……the list goes on and on!

We have also had people ask if we could do a class in basic crochet….we can do that.  Did you know you can crochet not only with yarn but with ribbon, wire, string…….?

Maybe you have an idea for something that we know how to do that would make a great class. Send me a comment and we will take all ideas into consideration.

So this is the beginning of Almost Heaven’s New Year.  Stay well and warm and keep in contact!




  1. I would love to take a crochet class! My friends & I were just talking about it! Enjoy the January cleanout!


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