Posted by: Lyle | March 17, 2009

Spring Has Sprung! (Or so we hope!)

Just a quick note from out in the garden…..It is March 17th at about 6:45pm, the sun is not still out, but the sky is blue and the birds haven’t quite gone to bed yet. They are just getting ready.

cardinal pair

Another shot of the pair—–I think they are just so beautiful!

mr & mrs cardinal

A little sparrow in the forsythia bush


And of course the daffodils are just about ready!


And last but not least—-the fish. Jim put the filter in the pond last night so the fish could start cleaning up their act!

the pond


  1. The cardinals are so beautiful! There’s a sense of waiting in this post. The trees are full of buds and the daffs waiting to bloom.


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