Posted by: Lyle | March 22, 2009

The whole shebang!

Today’s babble will include info from the shop, some wonderful Mexico photos from a book Lyle enjoys and a new piece from Lyle.  Here we go…..

mustard-seed  The Mustard Seed pattern by Park Designs has been discontinued. BOOOOO! We love this pattern and the colors are just right but who listens to us anyway? What pieces we do still have at the shop are on sale for 50% off the regular price.  So if you need a backup cushion, tier, shower curtain, tablecloth or swag drop on by the shop and git yourself one!

mexico-courtyard025-small_editedLyle has a wonderful book on her library shelf entitled, MEXICOLOR, THE SPIRIT OF MEXICAN DESIGN. The book is authored by Melba Levick, Tony Cohan and Masako Takahashi.  It is always inspiring to see the wonderful tiles, colors, handcrafts and architecture from Mexico. They can lift your spirits on a dreary day. Enjoy a few pictures from the book!




Last but not least at little something new from Lyle!

No More Winter!

No More Winter!


  1. I like the “no more winter piece”, especially the crows. As for Mexican Style…love it! Glorious colours and the tiles are stunning.

  2. ohhhhhh, this book, that chair! the piles of milagros!!! AND your page….lovin’ it all

  3. lyle………the line under your name would not click
    so I got this via do I get the photos

    these blog things and I ..just are not simpatico..!
    Help please


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