Posted by: Lyle | May 1, 2009


Here it is—-the beginning of May and time to look for disintegration. Some of the painted pages have lost color, the clay face lost its shine and the little skeleton is paler than before. Aside from that——–not much. Our materials are too sturdy! It’s time to look into more eco-friendly supplies. I think that is the biggest lesson I learned from step 1 and step 2. Now on to constructing something fun for August.

Again, Thank you, Seth!   (


The beginning—-







  1. You need a few days of continuous rain! They still look as good as new.

  2. Lovely blog, and and a very sturdy bundle! Hasn’t it been fun collaborating with Seth’s vision? Here’s to the finished article!

  3. We may be glad some of it held up well. It is nice to know that a lot of our art will hold up over time.

  4. What a lovely collection of papers other goodies you have there! I especially like your container and the skeleton. Clever! And isn’t that the truth about items being too sturdy? I was pleased that the Golden Acrylics held up so well… but I would have liked to have seen a bit more weathering on my bundle 😉

    Cheers from England!

  5. Oh, all these treasures will make such a wonderful piece of art… Roxanne

  6. THanks for the comment on my blog. I’ve been surprized at how strong paper actually is as well.
    Seems like I can do a lot more to paper when making art than I thought.

  7. Can’t wait to see what you make with all these wonderful elements.

  8. I loved the collected papers and photos with tidbits of lace and fiber. I will have a hard time waiting to see some of your next steps working with these beautiful design elements. Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen


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