Posted by: Lyle | June 10, 2009


We all know that living in the wild is always an iffy thing…but still the sparrows march forward, putting much effort into their nests. We have many birdhouses in the yard and many, many sparrows. We must have had a young couple, who, unable to find a home to suit, built in an old stove pipe coming out of our garage. The first set of babies did not make the first flight. Just when we discussed closing the pipe off, we found another very young bird (naked) laying on the ground underneath the pipe. He did not survive. So Jim figured he’d better go take the pipe out before any more didn’t make it. This is what we found……

P0002052_edited (Medium)

P0002056_edited (Medium)

P0002057_edited (Medium)

P0002064_edited (Medium)


  1. I can actually remember the first time I looked into a nest and saw 3 eggs when I was just a tiny tot. I still find it thrilling to find a nest with eggs.

  2. Oh sad but beautiful too. Bittersweet I guess you could say. Been meaning to visit for a a while, especially to say hi to Lyle! Your collages are just beautiful, Lyle. I particularly love the one with the henna hands – nice quote, and quite true, huh? I guess the sparrows were just trying to do the best with the hand they’d got, huh?

  3. oh my word…that nest! We also have MANY sparrows that build nests in the clay roof tiles. We have many many little naked birds dead on the ground….it seems so odd because they have no feathers, what were they doing out near the edge of the ledge?? Not happy to hear that you have the same problem, but is good to know it is not just us.

    poor babies!


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