Posted by: Lyle | June 19, 2009

Going to Maine?

Lyle has a good friend, who is both an artist, (canvas & oils), and an avid gardener. This morning I’ll share some shots he sent of the gallery/shop that you’ll want to stop at when you are in Cherryfield, Maine. It’s called the Riverbank Gallery, (because it sits right next to the river and was the old bank!) The shop is an old Victorian that Richard put back together and the views, the birds (eagles too!), the sounds of the river are wonderful. Make sure that is a first stop when you go to Maine—-you’ll need to have plenty of room in your vehicle to load the canvases and furniture you’ll want! Enjoy!

shop1022 (Medium)

shop2023 (Medium)

shop3024 (Medium)

shop4025 (Medium)

shop5026 (Medium)

shop6027 (Medium)

shop7028 (Medium)


  1. Oh my look at this beautiful shop/gallery! The sounds of the river…just what I love. If I could I would be there like a shot.


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