Posted by: Lyle | June 20, 2009

Mail Art and Mistress Debrina

After going to an art class several years ago at the Hacienda Mosaica, with Anne Bagby and Lynn Perrella, Lyle revitilized her love of art. She has since improved her stamp carving & paper cutting and glueing abilities. Lyle, thru the internet has been able to enjoy and share those loves with others of you who share her joy. Below is an example of one.

mail to Lyle

The lovely envelope and all the treasures within are from Debbie, in New Zealand. We did a mail art swap and I believe I got the best part of the swap.I have some ideas about how I am using some of the goodies and will keep you updated! To see more about Debbie please look at”

newzealandtreasures185(Medium)_edited (Medium)



  1. Great to see it up here Lyle! It was so much fun to do. I think we both did pretty well out of it actually! I love all the bits and pieces I got from you…and the fact that the tragic fashion couple are off to meet Robyn is very exciting indeed! Who knows where they’ll go next!


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