Posted by: Lyle | July 3, 2009

If you’re in Lafayette, NJ…

Just thought we’d pass on a wonderful place to visit if you’re going to be anywhere near Lafayette, New Jersey, this summer. Bogwater Jim Antiques. Lyle’s friend and artist, Richard will have some great works of art there as well as all sorts of furniture and decor from “the continent”!

richard at bogwater030_edited (Medium)

richard at bogwater back031 (Medium)_edited


  1. Hello Mother and Daughter! Loving the latest postings. What amazing stuff from Sth Africa Lyle. You lucky thing. From a country with more sheep than people (that’s us New Zealander’s I’m afraid, lol!), I salute you! Your mail art is now up on my blog and may I say it looks absolutely stunning!!! What more can I say??

  2. thanks debbie. wish I could see the sheep in your country! have you ever held a baby lamb in your arms. it is the most peaceful feeling you’ll ever experience! are you on the north or south island? lyle

  3. Do you still have any antique pond boats


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