Posted by: Lyle | July 16, 2009

Buried Treasure from 4-30-09

This is a post we made on 4-30-09!  It happens to be one of Lyle’s favorites… has the Bubble Dancers on it. If you visit Seth Apter’s blog, The Altered Page ( you will see many posts that people would like others to revisit.  Maybe you missed it that day, or maybe you couldn’t remember where you saw something…..take a look, it’s probably here!

Crows and Owls and Cats Oh My!

owl1164medium_editedSo what do they look like to you?  I say Owls…..Lyle says cats…..she wanted owls, though……looks good for printing on shrink to make earrings!  I’ll give it a whirl!

Now for the crows!  They look like fun to me!


And last but not least, my favorite kitties!  I have the stamp—–It’s mine, all mine!


Please remember to take a  picture  of Your “Disintegration” tomorrow! We’ll have a picture of Lyle’s on the blog tomorrow May 1st!  If you are in doubt about what I am speaking of, please go to Seth Apter’s blog ( and read up!

Talk to everyone tomorrow!

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  1. Great choice Lyle! Each of these is so much fun and quite whimsical!!

  2. There’s a crow thing going on 😉
    I remember this post well and love all the Lyle originals.
    Hey Toni, when are we going to see more of your work?

  3. P.S Lyle have you thought of stamping your original designs on fabric? Yummy!

  4. These are wonderful! I especially love the owl/cats!

  5. How I love to see ALL the images in multiples…dancing across the page!

  6. What fun!!!! This is a great post. I love ravens so the dancing crows are just awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. : )

  7. these stamps are works of art…my favorite is the cat faces~elk

  8. Wow!! Your style is so whimsical.” Your art puts a smile on my face. I love your crows AND your creativity.

  9. Taking the Buried Treasure tour! Your blog is lovely! I will explore some more. Thanks for sharing with us!
    Artful Blessings,

  10. I LOVE the owls, they look like owls to me! Have you read the owl service, lots of patterned owls in that story, check it out!!

  11. since i am just dicovering your blog off seths list
    this makes it the first time i have seen the pieces and they are happy works!
    and i’ll be back for the disintegration part 2 effort
    i have been waiting….
    nice to have met you

  12. And Lyle said………Thank you to all of you kind souls who commented on my “Buried Treasure”. I love carving and printing the stamps, (thanks to Anne Bagby) and I am so glad to hear they make you smile! That has always been my goal—to make you smile! Many Thanks!


  13. Hello Lyle – they’re cats, for sure. Owls don’t have noses like that (being the owl lover that I am)! Isn’t this collaboration one of Seth’s best yet! So very inspiring to see these dug up treasures! Love Debs

  14. Fun art – love the cats – fabulous – what a wonderful talent to have.

  15. these are just fabulously and fun!! i very much adore your treasure and the smiles it brought me. thank you!!

  16. I follow your blog and it was good to see those crows and cats again.

  17. Really enjoyed the owls/cats (okay morphing beasties, LOL) at the top of the post, but those crows, what a hoot!

  18. I’m so glad to have found your site! Lyle was kind enough to leave a comment on my Morpheus Box and the Frog and Toad story (which was probably a bit sentimental and long:) to use for Buried Treasure). But he said he was a Frog and Toad fan too!
    I’ll be back again to visit – thanks to Seth!

  19. p.s. I love the posts you chose – the kitties are awesome and I do think the owls look like cats but if the ears were up a bit higher on the head? WHO am I to say…

  20. this is my first visit (thanks to Seth) and another reason for me to blow him tons of kisses … so loving the fabulous bubble dancing crows … as well as the kitty stamp … and the first one, too(though I have to admit it looks more like a bear to me).

    Just seeing the sidebar photo’s has me knowing I’d like to come back when I have a bit more time for exploring.

  21. Cool artwork, what wonderful buried treasure.

  22. Fabulous Bubble Dancing Crows! Its not everyday I use all those words in one sentence. I love them. Creepy and whimsical. Just my cup of tea.


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