Posted by: Lyle | July 19, 2009

Lyle in Blue—the latest

It must be a Sunday because I have some time to add a new post!  Lyle has been busy on several projects—-the Seth Apter “Disintegration” re-uzit, the journal pages, the garden, keeping shop for me, cleaning,  watering, weeding and reading  projects. And then, there is always the general living projects—grocery store, laundery, etc, etc, etc.  But today I’ll show you a few of the journal projects.

The Invitation

The Invitation

P0002132_edited (Medium)
The Dream


  1. Both beautiful pieces. I’m so impressed!
    Thanks for posting, Toni.

  2. I really like The Invitation.

  3. Both excellent examples of Lyle’s extroadinary style. The Invitation is magnificent and I can see a lot of Lyle’s stamping going on in The Dream. Beaut stuff, Lyle! And thank you Toni for posting more of your mother’s beautiful work.

    • PS. can’t wait to see Lyle’s disintegration piece! I finished mine on the weekend, but was also busy on Altered Bit’s Black and White zine entry. Have you guys ever thought of setting up a challenge promoted by your shop?


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