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It’s time…..drumroll please……to go to Seth Apter’s blog  ( to see all the participants in the Disintegration/Resurrection Project.

P0002122_edited (Medium)

photos one, two and three

photos one, two and three

It is hard to believe that this lovely lady could arise from a rusty, moldy, tattered collection of paper, ribbon, clay, corragated cardboard along with a little paint and lotsa glue! Her gown was assembled from stamped and torn bits of all the papers in the cage. The sun face, the ribbon and lace were also in that little cage. On May 1st after 3 months in the weather we looked, repackaged and added a few larger pieces, (see photo 2). July 1st all were laid out in the studio to dry and a plan was made and remade! The end result is here for you to see. The little plastic, “you’ll love Lola” was an afterthought as the cat needed a name. Thanks for looking! 


PS.  Look who is curious in photo#3


  1. Drumroll and trumpets I would say….Lyle you have created joy, joy, joy!

  2. Just super, I love her multi faceted dress and that gorgeous cat. I love her too!

  3. Wonderful bundle and wonderful resultl I love that you hung it on a tree and that your end result features birds in a tree!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog also:)

  4. cool way to show all the beautiful paper, wonderful work.

  5. Gorgeous presentation of your DisCo!

  6. thank you all for looking. It has been fun! lyle

  7. Great fun!

  8. Wonderful textures.

  9. Wow- Great energy in your art! Wonderful!

  10. very unique!

  11. Nice documentation of the process. Something to learn from, as I often work away towards the finished piece, and even though I enjoy the process immensely, I forget to stop and savor it.
    Is it a squirrel peeking from behind the tree? Cute!

  12. happy piece, great details,,,,,and all the birds…capturing the spirit of nature’s way helping in the collaboration.

  13. i like what you have done…wonderful

  14. nicely done

  15. this is great — very well done!

  16. Tee hee hee! I love Lola! That is defintely a cat and NOT an owl. Tell Toni that again, ok! Lol! Well, great fished piece Lyle; I love all your stamping and printing and collage work here and the way you have incorporated teh disintegration process into the work itself. Very clever, are you!

    Oh, and guess what else? I had a spcial owly envelope arrive in my letterbox yesterday! Hoot hoot! Yeah. I was so excited, all the other mail was tossed to one side so that I could get at it. Goodness but I’m a lucky girl…and just in time for my birthday too. AND boy did it feel like my birthday!!!

  17. yes yes…Lola! It’s really great seeing all the bundles get new life!

  18. Gorgeous collage

  19. Lovely and colorful DisCo creation!!!

  20. Just letting you know that I saw your wonderful owls on Debrina’s blog:) Very nice!

  21. Amazing transformation!


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