Posted by: Lyle | August 10, 2009

Did Someone say, Get Busy?

Remember when we gave a mini photoshot of all the wonderful gems that came in an envelope from Mistress Debrina ( )?  Well, Lyle got busy and  put them all together to make a story. Here it tis!

P0002178_edited (Medium)

If Lyle happens to be bored during a day at the shop, there are always stamps to be carved!

baby owls045 (Medium)_edited


bamboo leaves047 (Medium)_edited

or…….lyle crow004 (Medium)


trixie stamp049 (Medium)_edited

Lyle loves to carve!  That’s it for now!  Thanks for looking


  1. Enjoyed the story collage about the mysterious lady from New Zealand. So much thought goes into these pieces and the carved stamps are always captivating.
    I’m wondering if you have used walnut ink for stamping or antiquing the paper?

  2. Your stamps of the cat are very beautiful, and your bird as well… you have been so creative, it is great to be back again… Roxanne

  3. Love the stamps and the stamping!


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