Posted by: Lyle | August 13, 2009

What would you do on Red, White and Blue?

This is what I did:

Day one:  Gessoed twelve 7″ x 9″ pieces of rosin paper (in the roofing section of your favorite home improvement store), on both sides. Allowed it to dry completely!

Day two:  Painted (both sides) 4 red, 4 white and 4 blue. Again, let it dry completely.

Day three, four, five…: I started making backgrounds (one side only) for one sheet of each color. When I was satisfied with the background I played the “What if I used” guessing game for the next step. I liked the end result of the red and blue pages. I’m not quite satisfied with the white page.

Later this week, I’ll start on 3 new ones using different ideas. We’ll see what happens!

What would you do on the Red, White and Blue? Send us a link showing your creations or email us with a picture or two and a description of what you did with the Red, White and Blue and we’ll include a link on our blog or include your pictures and descriptions. Show us!


RWB pages1050 (Medium)_edited

RWB pages2051 (Medium)_edited

RWB pages3052 (Medium)_edited


  1. These are great, especially the first one. Looking forward to seeing the next 3.

  2. I have never worked on rosen paper, but have heard of it…must go get some.

    I may join your little challenge this week…I tend to stay away from red, white and blue….not that I am not patriotic, but, I just don’t like them.

    I lOVE what you have created, especially the little buddha and the crows.



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