Posted by: Lyle | October 5, 2009

Black and White and Red All Over

So OK—–what is it? That was one of those jokes you came home to tell your parents when you were in second grade.  I still chuckle over it.  It’s the newspaper, silly!  So when Lyle did her latest journal page, she picked the title aptly. Here it tis…….

black and white and red all over

black and white and red all over

It looks a bit pinky in the picture but trust me….it’s Red!

Now for a last look at the Summer garden.  As it gets cooler I have fewer and fewer flowers, but they are beautiful just the same.

A rose is a rose

P0002243_edited (Medium) 

Everybody needs a little sunshine

Everybody needs a little sunshine


Just in time!

Just in time!


  1. well I will say that the red is spreading
    red is the word – trust me – I have read my red e-mails – and they are numerous…
    the red will warm in the coming months…
    BEautiful page Lyle!

    xox – eb.

  2. Hi Lyle,
    I met you at Squam. I was traveling with eb. Loved your earrings!

    Love your redness!!! I am also a fan of everything red.

    We don’t live too far from each other. I am just outside of Philly.


  3. Ooo yummy I see script in the red!

    Beautiful flowers ,Toni.


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