Posted by: Lyle | October 18, 2009

Northeaster, northeaster..go away

I guess we are lucky. Rain and wind only. No snow. But come on….it feels like it has been raining for months! The birds are tired of it, our two stray kitties outside are tired of residing in the doghouse and Lyle , Jim  and I have had it. But the flip side is Lyle’s been busy!  I haven’t been over to take a picture of her Halloween “box” but I will. Neato. So here is what’s she’s been up to!

Moon Dreams
Moon Dreams

Just a brief view this AM….Lyle musta took home all her stamp trials that I share with you! She has several new stamps she cut but until next time…..


  1. Love the moon face ! and the stamps as always !
    Stay cozy, Ladies !

  2. It’s a lovely piece! So many different elements.
    Wishing you warm Autumn sunshine, Toni.

  3. Lyle! I’ve finished your mail-art. If you would like to see it, visit my latest posting. else don’t visit if you like surprises.

    Oh Toni – rain for you guys too, huh? We’ve had it by the bucketloads too! It has literally rained for months here…we’re sick of it as well!! (Especially the mud!)

  4. ooh it would be nice to see the snow, not the rain… too?


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