Posted by: Lyle | October 27, 2009

It’s Saturday? It’s Saturday? Now I’m really screamin’!

How can Fall/ Halloween have come so fast? What happened to summer? Where’s the Indian Summer that we all love so much? I feel life just swirling around like a bunch of leaves……I must be eating too much Halloween candy and getting a sugar high……anywho, Lyle loves Halloween and here is her latest.

P0002258_edited (Medium)

P0002257_edited (Medium)


  1. Fantastic!!! I love the bats flying in front of the moon. It really is effective.

  2. Lyle’s stamps are fabulous. Thanks for the comments on Blossom. She was a great companion and I will miss her. Hope you
    both are well and planning your next workshop adventure!


  3. Oh Lyle – I just love your stamps!
    Received anything in the post yet?


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