Posted by: Lyle | October 29, 2009

The Last of it…I think!

Here are a few more pics of Lyle’s Halloween decor!

P0002270_edited (Medium)

The front of the box

P0002269_edited (Medium)

The inside of the box.

P0002271_edited (Medium)

Box on the shelf

P0002272_edited (Medium)

Lyle's Halloween decos


  1. boo-tiful !
    Happy Halloween, Ladies !

  2. Lyle, the shrine is so beautiful…your husband looks like he is enjoying life.

    thank you and Toni for sharing this with us!


  3. yes indeed!
    very lovely and beautiful.

  4. Nice, Lyle! Love the vintage, authentic feel of this!

  5. i love your box shrine- beautiful colors!

  6. Wonderful shrine!

  7. Your shrine and Halloween decorations are terrific!

  8. Very beautiful shrine. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Those colors are fabulous. As is the art. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  10. A lovely shrine that fits right in with the other decorations!

  11. thank you all for your kind words. now that I got going on this project I want to add more for next year. steph says my john looks like he was having fun. he was! we were in the bahamas in the sun! three months later he was off on his new journey!lyle

  12. love your shrine – so colorful! thank you for sharing.

  13. Beautiful pages, Lyle and I love your display!!!!! More things? wow.

  14. BEautiful Lyle – you have such a special touch!

    xox – eb.

  15. I nearly missed this one. Great shrine …. though I must admit those lady skeletons sent a shiver down my spine.


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