Posted by: Lyle | November 16, 2009

Looking For The Answer

Looking for the answer

Sometimes you just have to do what the  picture tells you. I had gessoed, painted, papered this canvas and it just sat there! One day feeling silly,I laid the feather and the bottle cap on it and looked. Not yet! Next day I came across the eye and glued it in the bottle cap! yea! Put it all together and here it is! And it is on our Etsy page if you are interested!


  1. I love it that you let the work talk to you.
    Ain’t that what it’s all about.

    Loved your crow for EB too!


  2. Hi Lyle and Toni – I’ve trained myself to look for you nowon my blogger updates panel! I’ve now noticed that all wordpress blogs have this “problem”. Ever thought of going over to the dark side?
    Love this new work, Lyle! I’m a sucker for floating eyes…so this hits the mark with me!

  3. There are eyes (one at a time) everywhere ….well here and at Pulp Redux anyway. It’s thrilling when just adding one element can pull the whole piece together and you know its done. This eye is the perfect size and colour …. just right!

  4. I love you all for looking and for your kind words! now if I can just get the posting of these pictures right! I’m learning! lyle

  5. I like how she looks like she is gazing out at me…the blue faced girl.


  6. It looks wonderful, Lyle!!! (no pun intended). Sometimes you just need that little “something” to finish a piece. Great job.


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