Posted by: Lyle | November 17, 2009

The Boys Of Summer


There they are, reminiscing about “the old days”  baseball and such.I painted this during the world series. I’m not a baseball fan but must have been influenced by all the “hype” on tv.This mixed media picture has layers of gesso, black paint, handmade paper and craft papers too. Its now on our etsy site for sale.


  1. There’s a vibe in this piece. You must have transferred the world series vibe from TV to your work.

  2. Lyle – you’re next on my “Bloggers I Love” posting that I’m doing. It’s for this very reason (your iconic style!!) that I’m doing it.

    We had the football world cup finals played out here between NZ and Bahrain (sp?) last weekend. I’m not a big sporting fan but thoroughly enjoyed watching our team win and make it into the world cup on our very own turf!! Nothing can beat that sense of patriotic pride that comes over you when you see your fellow countrymen/women succeed!!


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