Posted by: Lyle | November 19, 2009

Lyle’s Coy Boy

Who could resist the urge to pick this guy up and just give him a squeeze?  Olive—–you have competition!!


  1. Lyle, With only an email description to go by, you have carved the most uncanny likeness of my wonderful black cat, Seymour. Your carving will be perfect for imprinting gift tags, envelopes, mail art, journal pages and more. I loved your idea that he could have “add-ons” like “wings or a flag”. Actually, he is just the right size to carry a little toothpick flag….or a tiny drink umbrella. I am glad the carving bug carried you away that day. You’re brilliant!

  2. I couldn’t that’s for sure! I can picture Olive cuddling up under that blanket too…

    AND I don’t think this guy is such a fat cat 🙂


  3. I squeeze and a scratch behind the ear! He’s gorgious! Is Olive a cat and does she belong to Lyle or Toni ? And does coy boy have a name?

  4. did i say gorgious? …. I mean gorgeous!

  5. thank you all for visiting my boy, spike! I’ve had many a cat over the years but none has been as sweet, cute and funnyas this guy. and he was an orphan who turned up in toni’s garden when he was tiny. a real treat! lyle


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