Posted by: Lyle | November 22, 2009

sunday funday

Last sunday toni and I ventured into middle Jersey to attend 2  1/2 day classes at Suze Weinbergs office and workroom.  Tables were set up in the middle of  a supply filled area.Suze has all the things you and I might want to create with! And she sells them here  She carries Ranger Products,the fabulous Melting Pot,stamps ,stencils, masks and much much more She also gives classes several times a year. If you watch her blog    at  you’ll learn good stuff, laugh lots and have a few surprises! On to the classes. In the morning  we learned some of the art of paper jewelry from Margot Potter. visit her at We  made a very lightweight necklace using grungeboard circles as a base. we cut from fashion magazines circles of color to cover the base on both sides and glued them down.lightweight silver charms were used to space out the circles on a light silver chain!   Wonderful!So light you didnt know it was round your neck!   After a lunch break we spent the afternoon experimenting with wax and ancaustic under the watchful eye of Suze. We learned about heating the wax properly, applying it to wood, embedding photos, adding color,and moving the wax around using the heat gun.This was not a “make it and take it” class but an in depth study of how  we can use the waxes in our art work. It was amazing to see what  happens when you apply heat.  It was a great day for all, lots of fun and much laughter!



this one  I made at home when I had more time to work on it! and earings to match!


this is one of toni’s wax panels



  1. Lyle this really does look like fun. Your black and white necklace is stunning!
    It’s going to be so interesting seeing what you do with wax ( something I’ve been wanting to do too) Thrilled to see some work by Toni too.

    • thanks for looking. the necklaces were fun and I will continue to play around with the ideas we got! the wax is another story. I would like to use the encaustic but it is very expensive so need to be selective where I would apply it! lyle

  2. This looks like major fun! The necklaces are fabulous Lyle! Toni – well done with your little creation as well – just gorgeous. I wish I had more time to experiment with these sorts of things!!

    • deb, thanks for your kind words. time seems to be a problem for all of us! I dont know how young people with growing families find any free time! but if the opportunity comes grab it . the wax is amazing lyle

  3. Hi Lyle,

    Saw your photo on Margot Potter’s blog about the class. I love the necklace you made at home. Isn’t that melting pot great. I love it because it has the temperature gauge built in, don’t you, easy to keep the wax the right temp.

    Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving…


    • corrine, thanks for looking. the necklace I made at home really was fun to do and I had time to think just what I wanted to use. since I’ve had more ideas and will tell about them when I have worked it all out. we have used the melting pot before with suze and I have one . just have limited time and I love to paint and glue! but hopefully will take the time to be better acquainted with it! lyle

  4. Lyle- these are wonderful! I’ve been peeking thru your blog and catching up- I’ve been swamped lately and unable to surf, and have sure missed it! What wonders I’ve been missing! looks like you and Toni have been having a ball!

    Love the journaling you’ve been doing too!


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