Posted by: Lyle | December 5, 2009

And The Kids Said…

  After all the rain we’ve had,  the kids are right -let it snow or the sun shine… something pretty and cheerful! A few nights ago I was about to do some painting  on a blue page in my journal when the phone rang! Twas the Gallup poll! I’ve never been polled and thought I’d try it! But cant stop the painting! All you see in this simple picture was applied to that blue page with one hand while the man droned on and I said yes,no or maybe! What fun! Try it sometime!


  1. Very pretty, especially with the snow falling. It reminds me of one of those snow globes that I absolutely loved as a kid.

  2. I agree, let it snow….which I think we are getting tonight.

    Time for some Christmas spirit round here….


  3. Love the little red birds – remind me of the cardinals I am trying to lure to my new bird feeder.
    I guess, since it is inevitable, let it snow…
    gently would be nice though !;)

  4. Perfect way to use your time while the guy on the other end of the phone droned on!!

    Come see those BOOTS!



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