Posted by: Lyle | December 15, 2009

To all of you from Toni and Lyle

Thanks so much for visiting with us and encouraging us to grow! We have enjoyed your comments and enjoyed seeing your blogs as well! Please have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year . And keep on doing what you do so well! Toni and Lyle


  1. Happy Holidays to you both!


  2. Warm and cozy holiday wishes to you two wonderful ladies ! Talented artists and fantastic cheerleaders for others as well. I am so glad to know you and to have re-found you again this year.
    Enjoy the season’s peaceful moments !
    Muc love !

  3. Dear Toni and Lyle, I hope the holiday season is everything you want it to be. Happy gatherings as well as peaceful moments to replenish.

  4. Hi Toni & Lyle! I love the blog! Keep it up! And for sure, next time I’m in the Philly area we’ll pop in and see you! Big Hugs-


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