Posted by: Lyle | December 20, 2009


Wishing you serenity in the crazy quilt of life!

The snow in Lyle’s backyard today!

The cake

Egg in the cup

Lady with toga (in the very back)


  1. So beautiful …. I bet the cats don’t like walking in the snow!

  2. It looks beautiful! that blue blue sky…my kind of snow!!

    happy solstice…here’s to the light!


  3. Oh my oh my. It is lovely and I hope you aren’t too inconvenienced…..
    Hugs to both you and Toni. Hope you have a lovely and cozy holiday.
    Mary Beth

  4. Hi ya Lyle- I’m so sorry I haven’t visited in an age, but I honestly have been so busy, I haven’t even had time to breathe (well, that’s not quite tru, but you get my meaning). Well looky here – you’ve had so much SNOW!! Lol! I love the imaginary images you’re getting from the snow shapes, ha ha. I think the egg in the cup is my favourite. Of course, it’s summer here, so if it snowed, we’d all get a bit of a fright!
    Well, this is to wish you and Toni and the rest of your family a magcal xmas and an even more magical 2010!
    Love Debs

  5. WOW! So pretty (as long as you don’t havew to be out in it, or be anywhere in a hurry!)

    Hugs to you all!


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