Posted by: Lyle | December 26, 2009

Be Safe


In these days of wild weather, mad bombers and nutty drivers please be safe! this picture is a combination of woven papers, hand carved stamps , a photo of a Tibetan Mystic and a few doodles! the hamsa hand is said to guard you from harm (and the evil eye) and the story with the mystic said people went to him when they were afraid for their lives! I’ve done my part – now its up to you! Be safe!


  1. Wow Lyle! This is FANTASTIC! We went for a big drive this morning (almost 4hours worth of a drive) and the roads were bloody crazy as usual. So thanks for the talisman and the spectacular art! I have just spotlighted you in my latest blog posting. You might want to check it out?
    Love Debs

  2. Thanks Lyle…. Your striking artwork has programmed my mind to be alert! You are right about wild weather all over the world. We had a wind that uprooted trees yesterday, followed by rain and today it’s as hot as hades.

  3. Hi Lyle – funny how Robyn and I are experiencing the opposite to what you guys are currently getting weather wise. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading about yourself – yoiu really have posted me some fantastic stuff this year, and nI hope we continue to correspond. My turn to send you something next, I believe!

  4. I hope your new year is a wonderful one…sending winter blessings your way this winter morning! roxanne


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