Posted by: Lyle | January 5, 2010

The New Years Wish Part two

If  you read or see the news you must know that I wont be getting that New Years wish any time soon. Maybe not in my lifetime! I’ve been making that wish every year since the end ofW.W.Two, but as history keeps repeating itself and we all go round in circles over what to do it doesnt look too promising for Peace anytime soon! However, I can still wish and you can help! maybe if enough people wished it could happen! So keep on wishing.


  1. I will keep wishing with you….for peace
    for a lessening of strife, for balance.

  2. I will keep on wishing for peace for us all and also work on having it in my own life at least. Imagine if everyone did the same…then we could get there…
    Much love and peaceful days to you, Lyle !

  3. I wish for peace too…always

    love this page Lyle!


  4. Sending my wishes daily.


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