Posted by: Lyle | January 10, 2010


Toni and I just discovered we’d be making a trip to New Mexico later on this year! I cannot tell you how exciting that is!   I couldnt sleep until I plotted the beginning of this picture for my journal! Hope you like it.  I do !      


  1. Lyle I love this journal page too. How exciting to be planning a trip to New Mexico. Has it anything to do with art …. a pleasure trip …. or both?

  2. You and Toni take the best trips….

    Love your page, and I know your heart
    is so big…..

  3. Beautiful page Lyle ! The anticipation of travel is almost as good as the trip. Looking forward to heaing all about it !

  4. Yes, I like it Lyle. Especially how you used the handwriting as a background pattern for the piece.

    Happy New year to you and yours! Keep warm.

  5. I love this page! The text, the colors, the main image, and the feel. Love it! And how wonderful that you are going to NM!

  6. Hi Lyle – what exciting news and everything about your collage is just fabulous!! (ditto Seth, lol!). New Mexico sounds so exciting and romantic and exotic. Lucky you. We are so isolated here in NZ. Our closest neighbour is Australia and then the rest of the world is just so far away!


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