Posted by: Lyle | January 24, 2010

New Again


On one of our trips to Maine Toni and I spent a night in Lowell, Mass.For many years Lowell was home to a large textile industry. As those businesses moved south or out of the country the  mills stood empty and unwanted.In recent years many of them have been converted to condos, lofts and apartments. The photo shown is one such building. At the time we were there it had a huge banner on the side proclaiming” Ready For Condo Conversion” I was struck by the lonliness of the building and kept the photo on my inspiration board nearby.A couple of days ago I discovered that (in my imagination ) it had been converted. It doesnt look so sad and lonely now!


  1. I love your collage. Many of the buildings in
    Lowell and Lawrence have been converted
    and were doing okay until 2009.

    Many artists have taken lofts and are transforming the area with outdoor installations.

    Those mill buildings are the stories of our area. Thanks for highlighting them in your collage.



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