Posted by: Lyle | February 10, 2010

Dark Thoughts


Yesterday while playing with some stamps amd papers I came on a piece  of watercolor paper with some black paint on it! our weather has put me in a blackish mode so I grabbed it and out came “Dark Thoughts”. I am of two minds about this  overdose of snow we are having. One mind says enjoy the beauty and the other says Bah Humbug! I’m sure my blog friends on the east coast feel the same.  Cheer up ,guys! The sun will return.


  1. Bah humbug indeed. Hope you and Toni and
    family are all okay, looks like you are getting
    a good dumping of the white stuff today.

    It’s blowing horizontal here, but nothing compared to what you have been experiencing…

  2. Very nice!! Not too long now before you weather changes.

  3. This piece really reflects your thoughts so well. Love the black background and the text.

  4. Hang on in there Lyle – it sounds like it has been a freakishly severe winter for you guys over in the states but the sun will shine again, I promise!!! Having said all that, I LOVE your dark thoughts…there is something about the piece that almost translates into a spiritual message…there is resilence there and steadfastness. It is also quite Eastern looking…
    fantastic Lyle, just fantastic!


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