Posted by: Lyle | February 21, 2010

Anderson in his new life

This as you may recall, is Anderson. He is one of the Garden Boys who has come to stay at Almost Heaven. Anderson started out with having a humungo sore on his back right foot—-

(the polka dots tell it all). As we went to the Vet to have things checked out, it was determined that the sore was in fact lymphoma. The Dreaded “C” word. I too dread it. My first decision was to send Anderson to meet several of his cousins who have visited my house over the years, but the Vet and his staff prevailed on me to try something first. Something equally as scarry—–amputation!  Well, we did, several weeks ago. Last evening started Anderson’s new life with Scruffy and his buddy Sally with full roaming priviledges in the house and shop.  I am happy to report he manages the steps, getting on the bed, chairs and chasing Sally with gusto! Soon his fur will grow to cover all the reminders but for now he is happy, inquisitive and such a cat!

wandering the kitchen

his friend Sally on the steps

Sally jumping over his head & the fun begins anew


  1. So glad Anderson is okay. He will be a much happier boy even without the limb when he has such a loving home to be in with all of you. What beautiful eyes he has…



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