Posted by: Lyle | February 22, 2010

Dreamtime Continued


This dream repeated itself many times when I was little.The cat (whose cat I dont know )would be sitting on a small chair in the corner of my room. He would rise slowly from the cushion and float up thru the ceiling.I can remember being very scared. He didnt make any noise, just watched me until he disappeared! Why this dream I’ll never know. I love cats and have four delightful demons right now.Fortunately as I grew up bad dreams departed and good ones took their place! What scary dreams do you recall from childhood?


  1. These are just great Lyle. I really like them.

    I used to dream about a log cutter coming to cut me in half. Too much Rocky and Bulwinkle
    I think…..

  2. Love the dream stories… in words and in images…
    Happy Monday !

  3. love this page!

    My bad dreams always involve gum or caramel and pulling my teeth out…

    weird, I know…

    the pugs LOVE the snow…Olive pushes her face in it and forever has a white nose

  4. Great art and story Lyle! Love seeing your work! My nightmares always had things chasing me!


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