Posted by: Lyle | February 27, 2010

Rock My World

Kim's messages

Just had to share the good works of one of your fellow artists… here goes. Kim, we love you!  The photo above shows some of the work of Mother Nature in collaboration with Kim Mailhot. Kim collects the rock from close to where she lives, paints them, adds thoughts and puts a finish on them. She and Lyle shared ideas of where the rock could spread a little joy. In my work as an EEG technician, I see many people.  Hours old babies up to over 100  years of age. Some are in good health, some not. When I am finished doing the testing I dig out my secret bag of rocks and my patients and I find the best one ever! You would be amazed at the smiles and happiness in their eyes. Some of my more bold patients ask for more than one…..with pleasure it is given. Kim, you make my people happy!  Even the more skeptical teenagers. To see more of Kim’s wonderful art check out her blog,



  1. Both of you bring smiles to everyone you meet.

  2. What a wonderful idea!

  3. Kim’s rocks are wonderful and spread joy everywhere they show up!

  4. Such a great idea…I LOVE that you leave them with patients Toni!


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