Posted by: Lyle | March 16, 2010

Gold Only !


This looks like the beginning of a soap opera! Will  gold bring true happiness?Gold paint brings me happiness,but I think too many of us are concentrating on gold coin and not on golden moments! Today even gold medals bring gold coin. Try making a list of all the things that start with the word gold that we all can enjoy. For instance golden sunsets, golden pond(also known as Squam Lake). There are lots more!  Please send me your favorite golden expression.


  1. How about a golden glow!

  2. This is funny ! I did a page in my journal today called “Beware to Golden Goose” !

    Golden Girl, Gold Dust Woman, We are stardust, we are Golden…

    Happy Golden Tuesday !

  3. Great post, good food for thought…
    We too have a Golden Pond, Andy Goldsworthy, golden oldies…


  4. Golden Oriel, Golden Retriever, Golden Gate National Park in South Africa …. there must be more.


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