Posted by: Lyle | March 19, 2010

Dreamtime continued


This dream was all mine! After a weekend of heavy  rain and very high  wind everyone in my little town had branches,pine cones, pine needles, leaves and bark torn from trees all over their property. In my dream a complete stranger came towards me carrying a metal trash can with my street number painted on it. I couldnt see him clearly and he didnt speak, but I got the message! Tthe next couple of days were spent cleaning up the yard! I would have gotten to it , but the visit from the “messenger” made me get a move on! I just wonder who sent the messenger! I have my suspicions.


  1. You must have felt good once the yard was cleaned up. I don’t remember my dreams … or maybe I’d have quite a few “clean up your studio” messages.

  2. Great dream. Want to come clean up my yard too? Thought not….I guess I will have to
    do some more of it today…said to my hubby, we have enough kindling from what fell in that storm to last 3 years.


  3. oh my dreams have been odd…portending strange things….

    Thinking of you all with these northeastern storms…hope spring is gentler…



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