Posted by: Lyle | March 29, 2010

He Said She said

The end result of this piece came as a surprise to me. I wasnt thinking about results as I painted, stamped and glued. Just trying out a couple of new things and making conversation , I thought! When I copied the piece on the computer to post  I finally looked at what it was saying to me. I see the conversation starting softly .I see her getting a bit louder and then he seems to win – hands down. Couldn’t help the pun! I am not happy about someone “winning” or Loosing”  but that big hand  seems indicate the final say in the matter! How does it strike you?


  1. Like all the alphabets, love the stamp in the middle of the hand. One of yours? Layers of text, yum. About the conversation I don’t know.

  2. I like this – it kind of says, all has been won or decided in favour of the majority – a hands down result. I particularly like the sanskrit (at least, I think it’s that?). Have you received anything in the post yet from me?

  3. I love how you describe seeing this piece. How it starts out softly, and becomes strong and bold. Your new work is so wonderful… roxanne

  4. The hand of authority …. and yet I like it. It doesn’t feel threatening to me … just strong. I love the script and the stamp in the middle of the hand.

  5. I love all the elements of this piece, and the color’s play against each other. The hand has a very powerful strength to it, while the back ground is, soft and beautiful.
    For me it reads as though the conversation is finished, and either the back ground is past being left behind, or the hand is a form of authority over riding another voice – leaving it muzzled. I can’t figure out which! On ‘one hand’ I am discomforted by the force of the hand and the lack of integration there is with the back ground. ‘On the other hand’, if it is to be read as a new beginning, leaving some aspect of self behind then it is a perfect statement of just that. I love the power and strength depicted in the orange, second chakra, creation of HERE I AM message I get! Great work ❤ K


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